AC Coupon 10cm² with cable tail


Pipeline Test & Monitoring Coupons

Test/monitoring coupons are increasingly becoming an essential tool in the monitoring of cathodic protected buried pipelines. Coupons provide a convenient and efficient means of measuring important parameters such as the coupon to soil AC discharge current density or the coupon to soil instant-OFF potential.

Buckleys are able to provide a variety of specifically designed coupons to meet various pipeline operator requirements, please contact our sales department for advice.


AC coupons: - are accurately sized to provide the ability to measure maximum AC current discharge from a pipeline in areas subject to interaction from overhead AC power transmission systems. The value so recorded provides a vital indication as to whether AC corrosion could be occurring on the pipeline. The coupon consists of a steel disc with an exposed area of 1cm², fitted into thick red PVC housing. The connection between the coupon and the cable is potted to stop the ingress of moisture. Three standard cable lengths are available, 5metres, 10metres and 20metres. The standard cable used is 6mm² 6491X Blue on the AC coupons and 10mm² 6491X Blue on the DC coupons, other cable sizes or colours can be supplied. Note: Due to ongoing technical developments, all stated information is typical and is subject to change without notice or obligation. Commodity Code: 9027900000


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