Auto Cycle Test Machine – TO-108C


  • This tester is a device to measure the durability, cracking state, and durability of a sampe by pressurizing the sampe with the set pressure / exhaust time by applying the test pressure ser inside the pneumatic On/Of valve.
  • The number of tests and the pressure / exhaust cycle time can be set.
When you first run the program (PC) the above screen is displayed on the monitor. If the last test fails to completen the goal count, the last test count and wait time are displayed(Default values are Start Count = 0, End Count = 5000000, Press Delay Time = 1, and Exhaust Delay Time = 1) At the top of the screen, there are program page selection  button, end button, monitor touch lock release button, and there are test number and method field for each of six samples At the bottom, test progress and test time are displayed. At the bottom, test-related buttor are located and there are buttons for manual operation. See below for more details


SoftwareAuto Cycle Tester
Computer SystemTouch Type Panel PC
Main BodySus304, AL, Acrylic
Pressure CapacityMax 10 Bar
Pressure Switch CapacityMax 10 Bar, 4 Digit Display
Regulator CapacityMax 10 Bar
Demension1528 x 650 x 1090 (W x D x H)
Weight200 kgf
Power1P 220V


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