Auto Impact Testing Machine – TO-Al-50


  • Testing machine is to determine the impact strength of the material of product
  • Using high precision sensor the impact of specimen is possible to direct and the impact hammer can be easily adjusted by program
  • It is applied to the brake system for preventing the repeats impact


Capacity50 J
Lift Angle0~175°(Adjustable)
Impact edge TypeR 0.8mm,75°
Envil Angle±60°(Adjustable)
Envil Moving distance0~150 mm(Adjustable)
Brake TypePneumatic Type Brake System
MotorAC Servo Motor
Control TypeAxis Stepper & Servo Motion Control
Control AccuracyAngle : 0.1%
Distance : 0.1%
Data Sampling RateMax 10 kHz
Main Power220 V 2 P 60 Hz
WeightAbout 700 kg


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