BCT-02 Box Compression Tester


BCT-02 Box Compression Tester is professionally used to test the compression resistance property  of carton box, corrugated box, honeycomb cardboard box and other packaging. And it’s also  applicable to container compression test of  plastic bucket (edible oil, mineral water), fiber drum, carton, paper, cans, container barrels (IBC barrels).


  • Minicomputer control; high-speed ARM processor to ensure high automaticity, fast data collection, test automatically and intelligent judgment.
  • Three test methods:compression test; stacking test; press standard test.
  • Screen dynamic displays sample No., sample deformation, real-time pressure and initial pressure.
  • Serve motor controls with high precise, low noise and high speed advantages; Accurate position and  fast response speed save test time.
  • 24 high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1 / 10,000,000) and high precision weighing sensor to ensure the speed and accuracy of the data acquisition of the instrument force.
  • Ultimate travel protection, overload protection, bugs prompt and fault prompts intelligent configuration to ensure safe operation; Micro-printer can print test data easily.
  • Connecting with computer can display curve, analyze test data, save and print data.


ISO 2872, ISO 2874


Mainframe, Control cabinet, Power line, Connecting line, 4 rolls of printer paper

Optional: computer control system

Technical Specification

Test Range20 KN,  50 KN(Optional)
Accuracy1% of Reading Value
Force Resolution1 N
Deformation Resolution0.1 mm
Pressing PlateParallelism between upper and lower pressing plate: ≤1mm
Test Speed1-300 mm/min(Continuously Variable Trans-mission)
Return speed1-300 mm/min(CVT)
Specimen Dimension800 mm x 800 mm x 1000 mm
Power SupplyAC 220V 50 Hz


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