BMT-S Series


BMT-S Series machine is designed with single workspace for testing various materials. It can do the tension, compression, bending and shearing tests. Force measurement is through load cell. With long travel actuator stroke, it is suitable to test standard specimen, long length specimen and specimen with large elongation.

  • Controller unit is by DOLI (Made in Germany)
  • Servo-Valve is by MOOG (Made in USA)
  • Machine Class: 0.5

Applied Standards:

  • Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, EN 10002-2, BS1610 and DIN 51221.
  • Strain measurement meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E83, ISO 9513, BS 3846 and EN 10002-4.
  • Compatible to the standards ASTM A370, ASTM A615 and EN 10002.

Load Frame and Grips:

  • Load frame has single workspace, rigid 4-Column compact design and bidirectional movement which make this machine feasible for tensile and compression tests.
  • System is suitable for different type and size of flat and round specimens and it has a long movement space,
  • High precision load measurement and control with load cell of class 0.5.
  • Load Cells can be replaced according to different load ranges to make much more accurate and sensitive measurements on small samples. *Additional Load cell is an optional feature which provided on request.
  • System equipped with special wedge type (V type) jaws. Grips can be replaced easily for different type and size of flat and round specimens. (The Grip system consists of suitable grips and connection apparatus.),
  • Distance between grips can be adjusted automatically by computer and RMC-7 handheld unit.

Power Unit:

  • Independent serve-hydraulic unit which can be connected to piston and hydraulic grips.
  • Special gear type hydraulic pump used in hydraulic power pack to reduce noise.
  • Servo-valve system (MOOG USA) is used for accuracy, smooth control and accurate loading.

Control Features:

  • BMT-S Series Testing Machines are controlled by DOLI EDC 220 controller unit and RMC-7 handheld unit.


ModelBMT-300S/ 400SBMT-500S/ 600SBMT-1000SBMT-1500S/ 2000S
Maximum Load Capacity (kN)300/400500/60010001500/2000
Accuracy of Testing Load (%)±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5
Accuracy of Deformation (%)±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5
Maximum Tensile Space (mm)600610700720
Max. Compression Space (mm)300300450500
Actuator Stroke (mm)500500500600
Max. Loading Speed (mm/min)1001007550
Distance Between Columns (mm)520600x330660x450800x450
Round Specimen (mm)Ø5-30Ø13-40Ø20-60Ø20-80
Flat Specimen (mm)0-150-300-400-60
Compression Platens (mm)Ø120Ø150Ø150/204x204Ø200/204x204
Dimensions of Load Frame (mm)880x630x2980880x630x2980980x720x35301220x880x4180
Weight (kg)2500300050008000


  • Device is useable for the load and displacement control, strain and flow tests, failure of strain tests done on flat and round specimens.
  • Applicable standards: EN ISO 6892-1, EN ISO 7500-1.
  • The system is hydraulic type where servo valve control the movement of piston accurately.
  • Flow capacity of the servo-valve is min. 20 ltr/min.
  • Capacity is min. 1000kN.
  • 4-Columns rigid construction.
  • Distance between front columns is min. 600 mm.
  • Distance between columns in sides is min. 340 mm.
  • Height of the frame is max. 3000 mm.
  • Distance between grips is min. 600 mm. and grip adjustment is hydraulic.
  • Stroke is min. 500 mm.
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hydraulic power and handheld unit is designed separately from the body.
  • Max. working pressure of hydraulic unit is 300 bar.
  • The system works correctly at the; temperatures of 10°C-40°C,
  • Device can perform tests on metallic round specimens. Their diameter should be between 4 mm and 40 mm.
  • Device can perform tests on metallic flat specimens. Their thickness should be between 0-30 mm.
  • Device can perform the strain and flow tests which can give the data of failure

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