BMT-SD Series


BMT-SD series double area metal testing systems with 4 columns and 1000kN capacity (ın these systems, very high load values are reachable with special orders like 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 kN’s) are designed with features like rigid, 4 column, ground-type frame and double acting area.

Load measurement is being done via load cell, and displacement measurement is being done via electromagnetic displacement sensor. Flux, rupture and flux elongation tests can be done on both ribbed iron surfaces and straight metallic surfaces. Tests can be done with load, displacement and deformation controlled. Machine’s loading control completely fits as TS EN ISO 7500-1’s class 0.5 rule.


  • Machine’s working system is servo valve controlled and with hydraulic power pack.
  • Machine’s axial rigidness factor is at least 575kN/mm.
  • On device, at least 1000 kN capacity load cell with calibration certificate is installed. Load cell which was given is circular type and has reinforced strength for horizontal and axial external forces.
  • Load cell’s sensitivity is class 0.5 depends on TS EN ISO 7500-1 between 2-1000 kN loads.
  • Load cell’s all capabilities mentioned before, including “relativity and reversibility errors”, will be proved.
  • Deformation and strain controlled tests which depends on TS EN ISO 6892-1 standard can be done. Standard speed values for strain tests are included and meets all tolerances.
  • Machine’s test speed is being set by user between 2-60 MPa/s with ±2% error rate.
  • Machine has emergency stop button.
  • Machine’s test speed can be set between 0,1 – 100mm/min and every speed value between them can be chooseable.
  • Machine’s crosshead speed can reach 200mm/min.
  • Machine’s hydraulic power pack is designed completely independent and with this unit, both machine and hydraulic grips can be controlled. Also, this hydraulic power unit needs no added water – cooler system, only one cooler is enough. The hydraulic control unit which was given has its own cooling system.
  • Machine’s volume level at full load is less than 70dB from 1m distance.
  • Machine’s position measuring sensitivity is %±0,5 and position measuring resolution is ≤ 1,5 µm.
  • With EDC unit, caliber which has 0.01 senstivity and can work with software together was given.
  • Before starting test, preload can be given to the specimen via software.
  • All test results and graph values can be seen with on “% elongation, N/mm2, KSI, PSI and MPa” units.


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