BSM-01 Brightness Meter


Whiteness Tester BSM-01 for the determination of the whiteness of the object, which is widely used in papermaking, textile, printing, plastics, ceramics, enamel, food, building materials, paints, chemicals, salt and other special body to be measured whiteness production and testing departments.


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      * Determination of ISO whiteness (ISO Brightness, namely R457 whiteness), fluorescent whitening samples,

         which can also be measured fluorescent whitening of the fluorescence emission substance produced.

       * Measured brightness stimulus value Y10.

       * Determination of opacity.

       * Determination of transparency.

       * Determination of light scattering and absorption coefficients.

       * Ink absorption value determination.

Technical Features

      In line with GB 3978-83: Standard Illumination and lighting conditions of observation

      D65 illuminant lighting

      Whiteness tester use d / o lighting observation geometry (ISO 2469)

      Test hole diameter φ30mm and φ19mm two kinds, with light absorber to eliminate the influence of the sample specular

      Peak wavelength spectral power distribution of the optical system R457 whiteness 457nm, 44nm FWHM

      RY optical system complies with GB3979-83: object color measurement method


     Zero Drift: ≤0.1%;

     Indication Drift: ≤0.1%;

     Indication Error: ≤0.5%;

     Repeatability Error: ≤0.1%;

     Specular Reflection Error: ≤0.1%;

     Sample Size: the test plane not less than φ30mm, the thickness of no more than 40mm;

     Dimension: 375 × 264 × 400 mm

     N.W.: 16 kg

     Environment Requirements: Temperature 15~40, Relative Humidity No More Than 85%

     Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz


ISO 2470,GB7973,GB7974,GB 13025.2,GB 8940.2,GB 1840,GB 2913,GB 1543-88,ISO 2471,GB10339-89,GB T/5950


White Tester host, whiteboard, black tube


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