Calibration kit for the BathyCorrometer® Pro’


The Calibration Kit has been created to provide all the necessary components to enable customers to verify the accuracy of the readings on the Buckleys or Roxby BathyCorrometers so that ‘in-house’ calibration certificates can be issued.

The process requires two areas to be checked. The electronics should be tested using the BCM Checker. Readings on the BathyCorrometer® should be 0.000 with the CalChecker switched off and 1.990 with it switched on.

Providing the readings are correct, the silver/silver chloride screw-in half cell should be checked by using K-Series reference cells in a standard salt water solution. To confirm the readings, three cells should be used and the sea water corrosion test mixture should be made up to a 3% solution.

Kit comprises

• CalChecker Pro’

• 3 x screw-on K-Series reference electrode cells

• Sea water corrosion test mixture

• Full instructions for ‘in-house’ verification


CalChecker Pro' • Power supply: 9 volt battery (PP3) • Battery type: alkaline MN1604 • Output voltage: 1.990 Volts • Accuracy: +/- 0.01% • Temperature coeff: 30ppm/°C • Temperature range: 0-30°C • On indicator: green LED • Low battery indicator: red LED • Connection: 5 pin plug & probe clip K-Series Reference Cell • Electrical connection: screw fit • Output: +208mV @ 25°C vs SHE • Accuracy: ±5mV @ 25°C vs SHE • Temperature coeff: -0.64mV per/°C • Temperature range: 0 - 40 °C • Working life: up to 1 year • Dimensions: 155mm long x 25mm dia. • Packed weight (calibration kit): 1.9Kg • Dimensions (packed): 44cm x 38cm x 14cm Note: Due to ongoing technical developments, all stated information is typical and is subject to change without notice or obligation. Commodity Code: 9030900000


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