Chronos 1.4 High Speed Camera


The Chronos 1.4 High-Speed Camera is the ideal choice for research and development, engineering, and manufacturing work that requires relatively high frame rates for review and analysis. Compared to the Chronos 2.1-HD, our 1.4 model has the capacity for high frame rates at lower resolutions and is the best choice for lower budgets. Video is saved in compressed H.264 (MPEG-4) or uncompressed RAW format to removable media. You can save hundreds of shots on a single SD card.

Chronos 1.4 high speed camera is mainly used by:

  • Science, engineering, manufacturing industries
  • Low-budget YouTubers and video enthusiasts

This slow-motion, high-speed camera’s main features:

  • 1.4Gpx/s, 1.3 megapixel image sensor captures 1280×1024 @ 1057fps, and up to 38500fps at lower resolution.
  • Available in color and monochrome. The monochrome option has higher effective resolution and is twice as sensitive as color.
  • 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory options for 4, 8, and 16 second record times respectively.
  • High sensitivity of ISO 320-5 120 (Color), 740-11 840 (Monochrome) enables shooting with modest lighting.


  • 1.4Gpx/s, 1.3-megapixel image sensor captures 1280x1024 @ 1069 Frames Per Second (FPS), and up to 40413FPS at lower resolution. Available in color and monochrome. The monochrome option has higher effective resolution and is twice as sensitive as the color option.
  • 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB high-speed RAM buffer options for 4, 8, and 16 second record time respectively.
  • High sensitivity of ISO 320-5120 (Color) and 740-11840 (Monochrome) enables shooting with modest lighting.
  • Completely standalone, untethered operation. Field-swappable internal battery lasts for upto 1.5 hours of recording.
  • Runs indefinitely on AC adapter or external power source.
  • Continuous record mode records normal rate video (60FPS) continuously to storage devices while simultaneously recording bursts of high-speed video.
  • I/O ports enable synchronization and remote triggering through electrical signals, audio, and web interface. An open source, REST-based Application Programming Interface (API) is also included for integrations into custom software or control environments.
  • Focus peaking highlights sharp edges for quick and perfect focus. Zebra lines help you set correct exposure


CameraImaging1280x1024 1069FPS
Memory8GB, 16GB, or 32GB
Record Time4 seconds (8GB), 8 seconds (16GB), 16 seconds (32GB)
Lens mountCS/C mount
BackfocusField adjustable
IR Filter650nm, user removable, 24 x 16 x 1.1mm
Display5" 800x480 capacitive touchscreen, 1000 nit daylight visible
EnclosureAnodized CNC machined aluminum
CoolingActive cooling, variable-speed fan (fan-off option supported)
Dimensions155mm x 96mm x 67.3mm (6.11" x 3.78" x 2.65") without lens
Weight1.06 kg (2.34 lbs) without lens
Video FormatsH.264Industry-standard mp4 (MPEG-4) files at bitrates up to 60Mbps
CinemaDNG RawStandard Adobe CinemaDNG raw files
TIFFStandard TIFF raw files with timestamps
Storage DevicesSD, USB, SSD, or SMB/NFS network drives
Image SensorResolution1280x1024p @ 1069FPS
Speed1.4Gpx/s – Full throughput down to 320-pixel image width
Dimensions8.45 x 6.76mm (2/3” format, 1.3-Megapixel, 3.9x Crop Factor)
Pixel Pitch6.6um
Sensitivy (ISO)Color - ISO 320 to 5120 Mono - ISO 740 to 11840
ShutterElectronic global shutter, 1/fps to 1us (1/1 000 000 s)
Dynamic Range56.7 dB
Bit Depth12-bit
Maximum Run Time1.5 hours recording
Charge Time2 hours (0-80%) with in-camera charger
IOPower Input17-20V 40W (5.5/2.5mm barrel jack, positive tip)
NetworkGigabit Ethernet
TriggerTwo trigger inputs/frame strobe outputs (BNC and Aux) Adjustable input threshold 0 to 6.6V Electrically isolated trigger input (Aux connector) Trigger with sound, laser, and lighting using accessories
AudioMicrophone/Line input using continuous live mode @ 60FPS
VideoHDMI output 720p or 1080p (default) @ 60FPS, video only
USBUSB type A (host) and micro-B (device)
SATAeSATA 3Gbps to SATA 2.5” lll SSD (5V power)
Trigger ModesEnd TriggerCamera records until a defined delay after trigger
ToggleCamera starts recording with one button press, and stops recording with a subsequent button press
Exposure TriggerExternal signal sets the frame rate for synchronization
Shutter GatingExternal signal sets the frame rate and controls the exposure for synchronization
Frame Sync OutputThe camera outputs a signal indicating its frame rate and exposure
Trigger PortsBNCFemale BNC connector
PhoenixPluggable black phoenix terminal block (8-pin)
Network ControlThrough web page or REST API based interface with USB or CAT ethernet cable
Recording ModesNormalRecords into the ring buffer. Once a trigger occurs, video can be reviewed and saved.
SegmentedVideo memory is divided into segments, each recording as in the Normal mode above. Number of segments is user selectable.
Gated BurstFrames are captured while trigger is active
Live Slow MotionContinuously records a short slow-motion video and immediately plays it back then repeats.
Normal Speed RecordingContinuousVideo is saved continuously at up to 60FPS to mp4 (MPEG-4) files on removable storage. Operates like a normal video camera.
AssistiveFocus AidHighlights sharp edges to aid focusing
ZebrasRolling diagonal lines indicate clipped (overexposed) areas
Viewfinder zoomZooms in to allow easier focusing
OverlayDisplays frame and time information on top of footage
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature-20 °C to +40 °C (-4 °F to +104 °F)


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