DC-23 Vibration Analyzer


DC-23 Vibration Analyzer – the 4th generation dual channel vibration analyzer with synchronous channels. It is used for vibration analysis including levels, auto-, envelope-, cross-spectra measurements, orbits for condition monitoring, diagnostics, rotor balancing.

The DC-23 measures all the parameters simultaneously for two channels and from one time domain signal record. Is makes measurements much faster and more reliable for diagnostics and machine fault analysis.

  • High resolution color screen and modern user friendly interface.
  • Wide range of vibration analysis functions allows precise diagnostics of machine condition and condition based maintenance.
  • Advanced technical specifications – frequency range up to 51 kHz, frequency resolution up to 51000 lines and dynamic range exceeding 100dB by vibration signal allow diagnostics of both slow an fast rotating machines
  • Alarm levels can be set for each measurement point for each measurement that allows in-field results in condition monitoring.
  • Defect frequencies can be displayed on spectra allowing in-field condition diagnostics.
  • Balancing fo up to 4 planes machines. Field balancing in own supports.
  • Run-in\coast down application to analyse amplitude-phase-frequency responce.
  • Shock application for analysis of resonances in the structures.



  • Acceleration, velocity, displacement, voltage, electrical current, rotation speed

Measurement types:

  • Overall level, envelope spectrum, autospectrum, amplitudephase, cross spectrum, orbits, curtosis, constant percentage bandwidth spectrum, time signal, envelope time signal


  • RMS, peak, peak-peak, peak-factor

Number of channels:

  • 2 channels parallel, synchronous, 1 tacho

Frequency range for vibration:

  • from 0,5 upto 51 200 Hz

Frequency resolution:

  • from 400 up to 51 200 lines

Vibration dynamic range in spectra:

  • 100 dB, not less

Rotation speed range:

  • from 2 up to 1000 Hz (from 120 up to 60 000 RPM)

Phase measurement range:

  • from 0 up to 360 degrees

Application firmware:

  • Run-incoast  down, Balancing, Recorder, Schock, Vector calculator


  • 1,05kg


  • 142.6 х 194 х 38.6 mm


  • IP65

Operation temperature range:

  • from -20 up to 50 С

Operation time from batteries:

  • 8 hours, not less

RAM/FLASH storage:

  • 1Gb/4Gb

Standard Packages

  • Vibration Analyzer DC-23 (display module)
  • Accelerometer – 2 pcs.
  • Magnet for accelerometer – 2 pcs.
  • Cables for accelerometer – 4 pcs.
  • Tacho probe
  • Cable for tacho – 2 pcs.
  • Holder for tacho
  • Charger
  • Interface cable
  • USB to Ethernet adapter
  • Protective case
  • Flash card with software
  • Manual
  • Carring case
  • DREAM software for vibration analyzer

    *The set may differ depending on the customer request


Download Katalog DC-23 Vibration Analyzer


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