Drop Dart Impact Tester


Application Field




ASTM D 1709


Product Description

  • This tester is used for the test of a film’s impact strength. After falling weight
    of the prescribed dart-shaped from prescribed height, whether the destruction of the
    film is measured. there are two ways to test ; A and B. Different weight is used
    depending on the height. The weight is fixed by an electromagnet, and clamp of the
    specimen is same by using A cylinder
  • Option Automatic system (Electric system – drop height is automatically adjusted)


StandardMethod AMethod B
Falling Height660.4mm1524mm
Weight370g in total990g in total
Dart TipΦ19mm RΦ2.54mm R
Dart Weight32g320g
Clamp Inner127 x outer 152mm
Urethane Seat200 x 200mm
PowerAC 220V 60Hz
DimensionsApprox. 550 x 2300mm (W x L x H)


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