Electric Motor Dynamometer


Compact induction motor 1500rpm, 32.7kW 208Nm, 58A, 371V 1750rpm, 37 kW 202Nm, 58A, 415 V 2000rpm, 40.6kW 194Nm, 57A, 449V


PROMAND SERAC AC Dynamometer and Drive system suitable for Motoring and Absorption. When in Absorption mode the Drive cabinet will regenerate the electrical power back into the main electrical supply. This is the ‘cleanest non‐heating’ method of absorbing the energy from the engine. System includes the following: • AC Motor • Self cooling • Speed encoder • Coupling to mount to the customers drive shaft • Load cell torque measurement • Common dynamometer and engine frame to mount the customers’ existing bed plate (Engine mounting method will be decided in conjunction with the user) • Split tube drive shaft guard • Inverter Drive System • Cabling and glands from the dynamometer to the drive (up to 10 metres  


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