EMS-200 On-board Smoke Meter


Our company has developed an on-board smoke meter based on optical method with advantages of small size, cheap price and on-board detection. The optical absorption coefficent covers 0-16m-1, which is able to monitor soot emission of diesel engines in any field. It is compatible with OBD port.

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Measuring Factors
ItemOpacityOptical abs. coefParticle concentration
Measuring range0-98.6%0-16.01m-10-5000mg/m3
Absolute error±2%±2%±2%
General Indexes
Test interval<5min
Working condition-40℃~+70℃, 5-95%RH(non-condensing)
Max power24VDC,≤75W


  • Employ optical method to directly measure opacity and optical absorption coefficent without comparison.
  • Adopt "air curtain" technology to protect optical path system from being polluted by exhaust.
  • High measurement accuracy, fast response.
  • Install-and-play, dispense with calibration and maintenance.
  • Stable performance, anti-vibration, strong environment applicabillty.


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