EN 60052 Compliant Spark Gap Test Apparatus


The use of Sphere Gap Apparatus is an internationally accepted and standardised method by which the distance a spark can jump in air between two spherical electrodes is used to measure high voltages.

This apparatus has been designed and manufactured for use in accordance with EN 60052 Voltage Measurement By Means Of Standard Air Gaps.

We strongly advise that all tests using this apparatus are undertaken with reference to, and an understanding of, the latest version of EN 60052.

The apparatus is ideal for verifying the output range of high-voltage AC equipment such as Buckleys’ PST-100 and ST-AC Pro’ range of AC spark testers and is supplied with comprehensive assembly, set-up, calibration and adjustment instructions.

It has a measurement range of 17mm with a resolution of 0.1mm; thanks to its micrometer-screw adjuster.

Replacement phosphor bronze sphere electrodes are available from Buckleys and are quick and simple to install.


Dimensions: 600mm x 430mm x 200mm Weight: 10.4kg Sphere diameter: 50.8mm Sphere material: Phosphor bronze Minimum gap size: <0.01mm Gap measurement range: 17mm Accuracy: +/-0.1mm Electrical connection: 4mm banana plug Commodity Code: 9027802000


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