Engine Dyno Data Acquisition


Engine dynamometers need two basic items from their data acquisition and control system: finite controls for repeatable testing and configurable I/O to integrate a wide range of sensors and control the test environment. WinDyn delivers and provides so much more.

System Benefits

  • Modular, flexible and ready to expand with your requirements
  • 76 sensor inputs for pressure, temperature, lambda and analog voltages
  • Data acquisition rates up to 2,500 Hz for high-resolution test data and finite analysis of engine performance
  • Automated, ready to run test profiles
  • Available software editors to fully customize the test environment
    • Test Profile Editor – modify our provided tests or write a custom profile
    • Configuration Editor – write custom calculations from measured data, add sensors as needs change, modify the unit of measure on a channel
    • Limits Editor – set safety functions based on engine or test cell parameters to protect engines, operators and the test facility
  • Voltage outputs send control signals to third-party devices like fly-by-wire throttles
  • WinDyn API to integrate any WinDyn channel into the software platform of your choice in real time
  • Accessories to automate the entire test cell including lights, fans, pumps, engine controls and safety interlocks

Engine Dynamometer Packages Include

  • Sensor box containing I/O for 139 user configurable channels, modular in design to grow as testing needs grow
  • Control console – operator interface for test setup, manual engine control, and test cell function control
  • Operator station with integrated throttle handle and cable – can be upgraded with automatic throttle controllers
  • Servo motors or eddy current controllers – we will update the load controllers with our own providing precise and programmable PID controls
  • Computer system factory configured with WinDyn 3.2 software, two 22in. LCD monitors and a color printer
  • Typically two or three days of onsite installation and training

Learn more about the full details of the components included in the data acquisition system section below and please contact us to discuss your testing requirements.


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