Environment Testing Machine – TO-CE-101


  • The tester is possible to test degradation, temperature and humidity, fatigue, flooding, environmental condition, deterioration of the material and etc.
  • It is possible to perform the test (Material (fatigue) test, environmental test & complex test
  • It is easy to obtain and manage data for a dedicated program


Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
Temperature Cycle Spray ChamberChamber (W x D x H)3000 x 2500 x 2000mm (W x D x H)
Exter. size3750 x 3250 x 2850mm (W x D x H)
Control Rack750 x 800 x 1700mm (W x D x H)
Temp. range-40°C~150°C
Error range±0.5°C / ±2.0%
Temp. rate±5.0°C/min
Temp. sensorPt 100Ω 0.1 Grade / Electic sensor
Humi. range40% ~ 95%
Error range±0.5°C / ±2.0%
Humi. sensorPt 100Ω 0.1 Grade / Electic sensor
Temp. humi. ControlTouch screen type program controller
Control methodS.C.R
RecorderDigital recorder (paperless recording/SD card memory)
 CommunicationRS 232C (Software/Hardware)
HeaterSUS304 Fin-type sheathed heater
Heater capacityDry heater : 23.0Kw/Wet heater : 15.0Kw
Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
Temperature Cycle Spray ChamberRefrigeratorMechanical dual-stage refrigerator system
Refrigerator capacityAC380V 22.5kW *2ea Twin refri. system
Refrigerator installationSeparate Installation (approx. 30m)
MotorAC380V 1.5kW x 6EA
FanSUS304 Sirocco fan (Ø150x80) x 4EA
InsulatorCeramic wool & Glass wool 150mm
Inter. MaterialSUS304 Stainless steel plate
Exter. MaterialSteel plate (Powder coating)
LampLamp 4kw x 9 EA
DoorFront open type door
Window300 x 500 (W x H) / Room lamp
Working portØ50mm 2ea
Water inlet TankSUS304 1200×500×1200 / Fore-warming Bath / Pump & Sol. valve
Inlet & OutletAutomatic water level control
SprayNozzle Spray / Timer (pressure 1.0Kg/m² / Pressure control valve)
ExhaustUpper vent part
WeightApprox. 1960kg
Transportation & DeviceWeight 1.0 ton Supports 4 ea
Safety DeviceNFB / E.O.C.R / Over heat breaker
PowerAC380V / 3P/ 200A / 60Hz
Test ListContent of Evaluation
Illuminant UnitWorking Temp(°C) : -10°C ~ +60°C / Humidity(%) : 5% ~ 95%
Lamp Type : Metal Halide 4000W / Lamp Ava. Life time : 500h
Color Temp(°K) : Approx. 6000K* / Luminary type : Flood type
UV Cutoff : 280nm or Shorter / Power Supply 4000W 9 SET
Maker : Testone / Input : 220V/3PH or 380V/3PH/N
Output : 2,000W ~ 4,000w(50% ~ 100%) / Ambient Temp(°C) : o°C ~ +30°C (No Dew)
Output Stability : ±1% / Current waveform : Bipolar & Square wave
Protection : Over Current Protection & Over Temperature Protection
Over Voltage Protection & Low VOltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection, Earth Leakage Protection
Irradiance range : 800-1200 W/m²
Spectrum range : 280-3000 nm(full spectrum)
Measure : Ref. cel (20*20mm)
Degree(IEC 60904 standard) / Spectrum : Class B / Uniformity : Class B (over) / Stability : Class A (over)
Test ListTest ComponentContent of Evaluation
Fatigue UnitLoading FrameLoading frame SS41, S45C Welding Structure, Frame Stiffnesss : 20 kN (over)
Loading frame SS41, S45C Welding Structure, Frame Stiffnesss : 20 kN (over)
Driving SystemAC Servo Motor / MISBISHI HF-KP43 SERIES/ AC Servo Driver / MISBISHI HF-KP43 SERIES
Servo Cable / MISBISHI HF-KP43 SERIES / Ball Screw & Nut / Screw Nut, Lead 5 or 10mm
Linear Guide / Grinding & Gilding Bar / Reducer High / Precision Gearboxes
Control UnitLoad Cell(2000 kgf) BONGSHIN LOAD CELL / Isolation Amplifier
Isolation Amplifier(Stroke) / AD Board 16ch
8-Axis Stepper & Servo Motion Control Card 32-bit PCI bus, plug & play
Electric Wiring
PCI M Series DAQ 32 Channer, 16bit, Max. 250KS/s sampling speed of multipurpose DAQ card
Interface & Control Panel
Sample Testing Jig PartSample Girp
Computer System & softwareComputer H/W/Industrial Computer / CPU : Core2 Duo E5300
RAM : DDR 4 GB / HDD : 500 GB / CD-ROM : 52  CD ROM / OS : WINDOWS 7
Monitor : 19" LCD Monitor / Control Software / O.S. Window XP / lenguange : VISUAL BASIC
Software / Temp. Humi. control / Illuminant control /  Tention, compress creep Tensile, compress, Creep tensile maintain), shearing two away)
Flooding & spray control / Measuring & analyze / 19" Rack STD


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