Rockwell or Brinell Hardness Tester

Fully digital Rockwell hardness testing

The FENIX 200DCL, constructed around a rock solid C-frame, is equipped with a load cell, closed loop, force feedback test force application system. Perform you hardness test, by easily pressing the START button on the 5” industrial touch screen. Test results can be simply stored up to 50 readings.

The DCL version performs both on Rockwell as Brinell, one of the advantages of the closed loop system. The internal system can be easily serviced by removing the side and top covers, no need to turn the machine upside down.


Scales: Rockwell & Brinell Test forces: 10kgf pre-load, 60, 100, 150kgf main load. All Brinell test forces from 10kgf -187.5kgf. Automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback Load app. system: Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM and ISO Display: 5” full color touch screen Software: No. of tests, Mean, St. Deviation, Min., Max., Range, individual readings list, storage memory, Dwell time, test force setting, scale selection, calibration etc.
Memory: Large internal memory stores 50 readings Output: USB Illumination: LED indenter & workpiece illumination Bottom Shell: ABS, protects tester against falling objects Workpiece Acc: 260mm (H) X 150mm (D)



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