FF410 Reaction Torque Transducer

FF410 static reaction torque transducer has been designed with nominal rated torque levels from 250 to 10,000 nm. Using standard din flanges, this static transducer is made more efficient than other options available.


The Datum Electronics Series 410 Static (non-rotating or reaction) torque sensors were developed following demand from our customers, looking to measure static or reactionary torque. The FF410 series of static torque sensors use the same basic shaft components and strain gauge technology, that have been applied to our 420 Rotary Torque transducer range, providing a cost-effective torque measurement solution for the static transducer market.

Sensor Torque Transducer

FF410 Static Torque Sensor Measurement Range
The Series 410 Reaction Torque Transducers have been designed with a nominal rated torque level in Nm. Nominally rated torque levels include:

  • 250Nm
  • 500Nm
  • 1,000Nm
  • 2,000Nm
  • 5,000Nm
  • 10,000Nm

Easy to Install within Torque Test Rig
The 410 Static Torque Sensor and Reaction Torque Transducer easily fits into your existing test rig or drive train. Using standard DIN flanges, fitting and coupling the static transducer into your rig is made more efficient than other options available. The minimum operating envelope of the Series 410 reaction torque transducer starts from 100mm and will increase depending upon torque measurement requirements.



  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +70˚C (+32 to +158˚F)
  • Environmental Protection:  IP54 (IP68 to order)
  • Cable Length: 4m as standard, longer if required
  • Combiner Error: 0.2% FSD
  • Sensitivity: 1.8mV/V (nominal) Hysteresis / Repeatability: 0.1% of FSD
  • Excitation Voltage: 5-15 VDC
  • Max Overload Capacity: 150% of full load
  • Bridge Resistance: 700 ohms (nominal)


  • Accurate On Shaft Torque Measurement
  • Flange Mounted Static Torque Transducer
  • Flexible Rig/Drive Train Fittings (DIN Size Flanges)
  • Ideal Design For Easy Fitting to Test Rigs and Drive Systems
  • Low Maintenance (Lightweight hollow shaft sensor)
  • High Torsional Stiffness Model
  • Standard Torque Sensor Range from 100Nm-10,000Nm
  • Full Bridge Strain Gauge Output (compatible with Datum Type310, Type324, Type 300 Indicators).


dimension sensor torsi ff410
Torque Sensor SizeRated Load (Nm)Rated Load (lb ft)Overall Mass (kg)Shaft LengthBodyWidthFlange Dia.Male/Female Flange Coupling Ø H7/h6 TOL (ISO 286)Flange ThicknessNumber of Holes per FlangeClearance Through Hole ISO 273. Series: FineBody Dia.
Size 1  0-1000-750.6297.5511002.5868.465
Size 2 – A0-2500-2001.2797.5511002.5868.465
Size 2 – B0-5000-4001.3497.5511002.5868.465
Size 3 – A0-1,0000-7501.8197.5511202.58810.575
Size 3 – B0-2,0000-1,5002.26107.5511202.58810.575
Size 4 – A0-5,0000-4,0006.241375118031281590
Size 4 – B0-10,0000-8,00010.0115751185315815100
Size 5 – A0-15,0000-12,00029.51216512505.520817138
Size 5 – B0-20,0000-15,00030.12216512505.520817138
Size 5 – C0-25,0000-20,00031.521651285620819138
Size 5 – D0-30,0000-25,00032.4421651315622821138


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