Geo Pro’ – Geomembrane arc testing kit


The Geo Pro’ is a geomembrane integrity testing kit which uses Buckleys’ tried and tested high-voltage DC technology for the post-installation testing of geomembranes for leaks and faults prior to going in to service.

Battery-powered and fully portable; the Geo Pro’ detects an electrical path to earth through leaks and defects in non-conductive geomembrane materials from 64μm to 25.6mm in thickness.

As the electrode is ‘swept’ over the geomembrane’s dry surface, any faults which allow current to pass to earth trigger the detector’s alarm system; alerting the user.

The Geo Pro’ contains everything required to start testing immediately, including an extensive range of accessories and electrodes; all supplied in a robust, foam-lined transit case.


  • Geo Pro’ detector unit, probe handle & interconnecting lead
  • Drum brush electrode
  • 4 x rechargeable D-cell batteries and charger
  • 5m earth lead on reel
  • 50m earth extension lead
  • ESD anti-static wrist band
  • 75mm pointed probe electrode
  • 2 x 330mm insulated mid-section extension rod
  • 1 x 330mm insulated end-section extension rod
  • 450mm straight phosphor-bronze brush electrode (45° angled)
  • Knurled thumb-nut & back nut (for electrode attachment)
  • Test voltage calculator
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • User instruction manual and calibration certificate
  • Supplied in a robust, foam lined, high-visibility transit case


Output voltage range: 2 to 40kV DC   • Alarm sensitivity range: 10 to 450μA (pre-set to 350μA) • Coating thickness range: 64μm to 25.6mm • Built-in test voltage formula: NACE SP0274 • Unit weight: 1.64Kg • Unit dimensions: 172mm x 85mm x 235mm • Handle weight: 720g • Handle dimensions: 290mm x 85mm • Packed weight: 13.6kg • Dimensions (packed): 510mm x 250mm x 630mm Commodity Code: 9027802000


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