Front runner, with leading design features…

The 652RS-IMP is the most technically advanced model in the group of HAWK testers. Not only has this model been equipped with an integrated Fanless Industrial PC, running Windows 10 and the Innovatest full version of IMPRESSIONS™ work flow, tester control software. Advanced tester operation at your fingertips.

Unique and alone in the world is the advance technology of a double Z-axis system providing 650mm working height, but also different test positions for your special shaped samples.
The second adjustable position can support a wide range of different and specialized anvils or tables to support your test piece from the inside, outside, top or the bottom.
No more time consuming of cutting, grinding and polishing of your samples for a couple of hardness tests.


Scales: Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, (Brinell, Vickers  optional) Test forces: 1kgf-187.5kgf Brinell test forces from 1kgf-187.5kgf (optional). Vickers test forces from 1kgf-150kgf (optional). Knoop test forces from 1kgf-5kgf (optional). Microscope: Brinell microscope package, for Brinell measurement (optional) Load app. system: Fully automatic, Load cell, closed loop, force feedback. Full height linear slide, backlash free mechanical system Display: Industrial 15’’ touch screen Software: IMPRESSIONS™  Software, workflow control, integrated industrial PC, Windows 10 licensed.
Output: USB, RJ45, WiFi Illumination: Power LED in nose for bright sample illumination Bottom Shell: Replaceable ABS covers avoids body damage Workpiece Acc: 650mm (H) X 165mm (D) Anvils: Hardened anvil 200mm & large worktable 425×370 + T-slots



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