High Accuracy Column Load Cell


Applied Measurements CCDHA high accuracy column load cell is designed for use in applications where precise compression measurement of mid to high loads and forces is required.

The majority of high accuracy CCD canister load cells that we manufacture are used as reference standards for the calibration or verification of other force transducers and testing machines such as concrete cube crushers and compression testers.

Applied Measurements CCDHA high accuracy column load cell can be supplied with a BS EN ISO 376 calibration certificate issued by a UKAS laboratory or the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) if required.

Product Dimensions

CCDHA High Accuracy Column Load Cell Outline Drawing
MODELCapacity (te)HØAØKDeflection @ Rated Capacity (nominal)Weight (kg)

All dimensions are in mm

Wiring Details

Red+ve excitation
Blue-ve excitation
Green+ve signal
Yellow-ve signal
ScreenTo ground – not connected to load cell body


  • Capacities: 0-2te up to 0-1500te
  • Output: 2mV/V (1.5mV/V on 500te+)
  • Accuracy: <±0.10%
  • IP67 & IP68 Submersible Options
  • Domed-Top Versions Available


Rated Capacity (RC)tonnes0-2, 0-5, 0-10, 0-25, 0-50, 0-100, 0-200, 0-300, 0-500, 0-1000, 0-1500
Operating ModesCompression Only
Sensitivity (RO)mV/V1.5 - 2.0 nominal
Zero Balance/Offset±%/Rated Output2
Non-Linearity±%/Rated Output<0.10
Hysteresis±%/Rated Output<0.10
Repeatability±%/Rated Output<0.04
Total Error±%/Rated Output<0.10
Zero Return±%/Applied Load<0.040
Temperature Effect on Zero±%/Rated Output / ˚C<0.005
Temperature Effect on Output±%/Applied Load/ ˚C0.005
Bridge ResistanceOhms (nominal)700 (50te and below, plus 1500t), 1400 (100te - 1000te)
Insulation ResistanceMegahms @ 500Vdc>500
Excitation VoltageVolts AC or DC10 recommended (2-15 acceptable)
Operating Temperature Range˚C-20 to +70
Compensated Temperature Range˚C+10 to +50
Storage Temperature Range˚C-20 to +70
Safe Overload% of Rated Capacity150
Ultimate Overload% of Rated Capacity250
Deflection @ Rated CapacitySee dimensions table
IP Rating (Environmental Protection)IP65 (IP68 available)
Weight (exc cable)See dimension table
Fatigue Life108 cycles typical (109 cycles on fatigue-rated version)
Cable lengthmetres4
Cable type4-core screened, PUR sheath, Ø5 nominal
ConstructionStainless Steel
Electrical ConnectionCable gland (25te and below)
6-pin mil-spec connector inc. mating cable assembly (50te and above)
Resolution1 part in 250,000 (with appropriate instrumentation)


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