HM-200 Hygronom


HM-200 high temperature wet & oxygen transmitter is based on microprocessor as the core, with variable frequency ion type oxygen sensor as measuring unit. Heating pipes can be installed in the outlet of CEMS sampling heating pipes. Flue gas gets into HM-200 by diffusion mode. Signal of humidity and temperature output through the 4-20mA or RS485.


Accuracy0~1%      O2:±3%F.S. 0~25%    O2:±3%measurements 0~40%   H2O:±2%F.S.
Flue Gas Temperature<300℃
Working Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Sensor Life > 2 years
Transmitter Life >5 years
Signal Output 2×4-20mA  (load 250Ω) and   RS232
External Inputs (2 groups)( 9 ~ 28) VDC external control signal
Power24VDC,30W ~ 31W, 35W (maximum) (heating)
Weightapprox. 2.75kg(including the control panel)


  • Core components imported, high performance, high reliability
  • Probe heated to prevent humidity capacitance and thermal resistance damaged by the flue condensate
  • Pioneered new way of tracing pipeline installation, convenient installation and maintenance


Apply to the determination of medium humidity, it can be widely used in the measurement and control process of printing and dyeing, steaming, drying, tobacco, wood, paper industry humidity; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fibers, textile industry; tobacco, vegetable, food processing, etc.. At the same time, it is also available for the monitoring and control of soot emission and flue gas deSOx and dedusting with CEMS.


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