Industrial Long Range Draw Wire Displacement Sensor


The P115 industrial long range draw wire displacement sensor has a measuring range of between 0-3000mm up to 0-15000mm.  They are housed in a robust aluminium enclosure and have a dust tight and water tight protection to IP65.  The P115 series of industrial draw wire sensors also feature mounting grooves giving them greater flexibility of use in harsh industrial environments.

The analogue P115 industrial long range draw wire displacement sensor is available with a hybrid potentiometer sensing element, while the digital P115 version is available as both incremental and absolute encoder versions.  The hybrid analogue version offers a resolution towards infinite.

Both a digital and analogue output versions are available for greater flexibility.  Both absolute and incremental encoder options have a significantly longer service life and better linearity of ±0.01% of full scale output compared to analogue potentiometers which have a non-linearity of ±0.1%.

Incremental encoders are used where the relative position displacement should be measured. In contrast, an absolute encoder assigns a unique position value to each measured value.


  • Measuring Range: 0-3000mm up to 0-15000mm
  • Outputs Include: Potentiometer / Voltage / Current / Incremental / Absolute Encoder
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Non-Linearity: <±0.01% of Full Scale Output


  • Robust Aluminium Case
  • Analogue and Digital Options
  • Potentiometer, Voltage and Current Output
  • Absolute or Incremental Encoder Versions
  • Customised Versions for High Volume Available

Product Dimensions

*All dimensions are show in mm


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