Instrumented Charpy Impact Testing machine


I. Brief Introduction:
Instrumented Impact Testing Machine, also called Oscillogram Impact Testing Machine, is a ideal equipment to conduct dynamic impact analysis of metallic materials The fracture behavior of metallic materials is normally evaluated under static and quasi-static loading conditions. However, in real life, the components may experience dynamic loading during events such as accidental overload. It is therefore imperative to study and understand the crack resistance behavior of materials during such dynamic loading conditions.
JB-W750L equipped with two transducers:

(a) load cell connected to the hammer
(b) Angle encoder. Load-Displacement (Hammer) and Load-Time plots can be obtained for a test.
Instrumented test systems enable measurement of the force applied to the test specimen during an impact event.  Then, the instrumented test data can be used to calculate the energy absorbed by the test specimen. Instrumented impact tests are becoming more widespread, particularly for R&D at compounding operations or anywhere there is a need to examine in detail how the material fractures.


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