LGT-106 Laser Gas Analyzer (Bypass)


LGT-106 is a flameproof bypass type tunable laser gas analyzer for industrial on-line analysis and environmental on-line monitoring, especially suitable for harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high pressure, and for small pipes where in-situ analyzer is not applicable. The transmitter and receiver are installed on a back board. The analyzer contains auto purge function which greatly reduces maintenance cost.

Technical Characteristics

  • High selectivity

TDLAS is high resolution spectrum technology, due to the “fingerprint” characteristics of the spectrum, it is not affected

by the interference of other gases. This feature compared with other methods molecularhas obvious advantages

  • High versatility

TDLAS is an effective general technology to all activist withinfrared absorption. Only need to change laser and standard
gas, the same instruments can be convenient to measure the other components. Based on this characteristic, it can be
easily changed to multi-component measurement instrument.

  • High sensitivity

TDLAS has the advantages of rapid response speed and high sensitivity. In the case of not losing sensitivity, its time
resolution can be found in ms level.


  • Suitable for harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high pressure, and for small
  •  Integrated structure design, high reliability and stability.
  • “Single line” spectrum technology, free from interference of background gas.
  • Innovative Hall button design, high sensitivity, easy operation.
  • Automatic calibration, automatic backblow
  • Adopts imported TO encapsulate semiconductor lasers, optical noises are restrained with antireflective coating end cap.


Response Time≤5s (T90)
Linear Error≤ ±1%F.S.
Span Drift≤ ±1% F.S./half year
Type Of ProtectionExdIICT6 GB
Enclosure RatingIP66
Analog Output2× 4-20mA output
Analog Input2×4-20mA input
Digital CommunicationsRS485/RS232/GPRS
Working Temp.-20℃~+60℃
Purge gas0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air


  • Suitable for high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high pressure, harsh working conditions and small pipes
  • Integrated proof design has the advantages  of high reliability and stability
  • Innovative Hall button design, good sensitivity, operate easily
  • Automatic calibration and backblow


Apply to trace H2S and H2O detection and analysis in gas industry; trace H2S analysis in petrochemicals, coal chemicals, and environmental protection industries ;trace H2O detection and analysis in chlorine gas; mill inlet gas detection and analysis.


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