LGT-200 Laser Gas Analyzer(Flameproof)


LGT-200 laser gas analyzer uses TDLAS technology and long-path reflection technology, which greatly improves the detection limit. It can analyze O2 , CO2, NH3 , CO , CH4 , H2O, HCl, HF, etc, providing a new solution of online measurement of trace gases for natural gas, petrochemicals, environmental protection and steel and other industries.

System Configuration


LGT-200 consists of transmitter, receiver and display panel. The transmitter drives the tunable diode to emit laser of certain wavelengths, which passes through the gas cell, then reaches the receiver. The receiver performs signal processing to obtain second harmonic signal, then calculates the concentration base on the relationship between the second harmonic signal and the gas concentration. The display unit not only shows the measuring results, but also realizes loading and setting of parameters with magnetic pen.

Technical Characteristics

  • High selectivity

TDLAS is high resolution spectrum technology, due to the “fingerprint” characteristics of the spectrum, it is not affected

by the interference of other gases. This feature compared with other methods molecularhas obvious advantages

  • High versatility

TDLAS is an effective general technology to all activist withinfrared absorption. Only need to change laser and standard
gas, the same instruments can be convenient to measure the other components. Based on this characteristic, it can be
easily changed to multi-component measurement instrument.

  • High sensitivity

TDLAS has the advantages of rapid response speed and high sensitivity. In the case of not losing sensitivity, its time
resolution can be found in ms level.


  •  “Single line spectrum” technology, free from interference of background gas.
  • —Multi-reflection technology achieves optical path up to 25m, improving detection limit greatly.
  • —Optical path length can be adjusted, measurement range covers constant to trace.
  • Integrated flame-proof design, high reliability and stability.
  • Innovative Hall button design, better than infrared key way.
  • Optical non-contact measurement, small drift


Response Time≤1s (T90)
Linear Error≤ ±1%F.S.
Span Drift≤ ±1% F.S./ half year
Calibration Cycle≤2 times/ year
Type Of ProtectionExdIICT6 GB
Analog Output2×4-20mA output
Analog Input2×4-20mA input
Digital CommunicationsRS485/RS232/GPRS
Working Temp.-20℃~+60℃
Purge gas0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air


  • Combine TDLAS and long-path technology to improve the detection limit
  • Integration proof method, applicable to explosive situations
  • Backplane is separated from flameproof enclosure,easy to maintain
  • OLED screen featuring light weight, wide viewing angle, fast response adapt to industrial environments


Apply to trace HCl and HF analysis of chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries; trace H2S analysis of natural gas, petrochemical, environmental protection, coal and chemical industries; CO2 analysis of medical, coal chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries; trace CO analysis of electricity, cement, steel, environmental protection and other industries.


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