LVDT Displacement Transducer


Applied Measurements AML/E series of standard LVDT displacement transducers are available with measuring ranges from ±0.5mm (0-1mm) up to ±500mm (0-1000mm).

Constructed from stainless steel, they are sealed to IP54 and can be supplied in a variety of mechanical configurations including plain core-only, plain core & extension rod, guided core & extension rod, spring-loaded core & extension rod with ball-end or with guided core & spherical rod-end bearings.

An AC mV/V output is available as standard, with a range of DC voltage signal output options also offered including 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc and ±2.5Vdc, as well as a 3-wire 4-20mA current output.

The broad range of typical applications for the AML/E series include Industrial Automation, R&D, Manufacturing and Machine Building.

Product Dimensions

AC Output, Plain Core, Core & Extension and Rod Ends Dimensions Table

(Plain Core)
Option X&G
(Core + Extension)
Option R
(Rod End Bearings)
Standard, X&G, R
Body Length
Core Length
Null Position
Body Length
Body Length
Sensitivity @ 3kHz
with 50K Load
(mV/V FRO)
Primary Resistance
Secondary Resistance


  • Stroke Ranges: ±0.5mm to ±500mm
  • AC mV/V or DC Voltage / Current Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP55
  • Core-Only, Core + Extension,
  • Spring-Loaded & Rod-End Bearing Versions


Stroke Measurement Range:±0.5, ±2.5, ±5, ±10, ±12.5, ±15, ±25, ±50, ±75, ±100, ±125, ±150, ±175, ±200, ±250 ±300, ±400, ±500, ±550 (maximum stroke is ±125 for Sprung Loaded Core & Extension - Option S)millimetres
Signal Output:See Table Below0-5volt0-10volt4-20mA±2.5volt
No. of Wires643334
Supply Voltage (unregulated):2 to 5Vrms @ 1 to 5kHz10-24Vdc14-24Vdc14-24Vdc12Vdc regulated
Supply Current:-35mA @ 15V35mA @ 15V35mA typ.35mA @ 12V
Max. Loop Resistance:---300 @ 30V-ohms
Max. Output Sink Current:-0.51-0.1milliamps
Non-Linearity:<0.50±% Stroke Range
Repeatability:<0.10±% Stroke Range
Output Bandwidth:100100100100100100Hz
Output Ripple:-30mV max.30mV max.0.1% @ 20mA30mV max.
Operating Temperature Range:AML/E & EJ: -30 to +85 Standard / -30 to +150 and -30 to +200 Optional -20 to +85 on DC/DC models / 0 to +70 for in-line conditioner (where fitted)°C
Zero Temperature Coefficient:<0.020<0.010±%Stroke Range/°C
Span Temperature Coefficient:<0.020<0.030±%Stroke Range/°C
Vibration Resistance:20g up to 2kHz
Shock Resistance:1000g for 10milliseconds
Construction Materials:Body & Extension Rod: 303 St/Steel, Core: 416 St/Steel, Cable Gland: Nickel-Plated Brass, Spring: 316 St/Steel, Rod-End Bearings: Mild Steel
Electrical Connection:2 metre screened PVC cable* (*High-Temp Version = PTFE). Axial or radial exit available - see ordering codes for full details.
Environmental Sealing:IP55
Note: On DC output version (0Vdc / 4mA) is given with the core in the extended / outwards position. This can be reversed if required, please request Option Y on your order.


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