Mess-Matic SER-02-TRUCK


SER – 02 STC TRUCK is an automatic industrial vertical balancing machine designed for tire manufacturing plants. This machine is capable of measuring the static unbalance of solid metal-cord truck tires with bead seat diameter from 20” to 24”. The machine is equipped with 3 different colored marking devices for static unbalance point marking according to unbalance grade. The tire type recognition is done automatically, and handled by the camera imaging system.

Technical Features

• Automatic loading, unloading, centering of the tires. • Automatic recognizing different tire types with the Camera Imaging System. • Inlet / Outlet conveyors • Automatic centering with pneumatic pense system. 20” – 24” • Automatic positioning to heaviest/lightest point. • Automatic 3 grade colored marking • Automatic / manual mode • Easy operation, user-friendly software • Permanent calibration • Possibility to display the unbalance position, unbalance value, tolerance, selected tire type. • Ethernet connection. • Automatic system backup, and automatic saving of the database


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