Mess-Matic Sirion-LX

Main Fitures

  • 19” LCD Monitor with 3D graphics.
  • Automatic Start by lowering the wheel guard.
  • Footbrake to ease locking and unlocking wheels on adaptors as well as for counterweight fitting.
  • Automatic braking and wheel positioning with fine approximation on external side.
  • Self calibration and self diagnosis programs.
  • ALU programs and motorcycle programs.
  • Automatic ALU-S and ALU-S1 programs
  • SPLIT (Hidden Weight) program to divide counterweights behind spokes of alloy rims.
  • Automatic input of wheel distance and diameter.
  • Automatic input of wheel width.
  • Optimization program to compansate the tyre unbalance with the rim unbalance.

Technical Features

Measuring time6 sec
Max.wheel weight65kg
Max. rim diameter24”
Rim width1,5”-20”
Power supply230 V., 1 Ph., 50/60 Hz.
Balancing speed200 rpm


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