Micro Draw-Wire Displacement Sensor


The MT micro draw-wire displacement sensor is low cost, compact and measures from as little as 0-40mm up to 0-130mm and is the smallest in our range.  They have a robust aluminium housing and a very compact design, enabling it to fit into the smallest of spaces.  This is the smallest design and lowest range of our draw wire series that we offer.

They are specifically designed for test applications where high wire accelerations occur making them ideal for crash test applications.

With its compact size comes a very small weight.  The 0-40mm version weighs in at only 8g increasing to 82g for the 0-130mm version.

Thanks to the through-bores in the housing, mounting is easy and fast, reducing costly downtime.

Analogue versions are available with potentiometer output and have a resolution towards infinity.

The MT micro draw-wire displacement sensor has a non-linearity of <±0.4% for 0-80mm and 0-130mm, with <±1% non-linearity for the 0-40mm version.


  • Measuring Ranges: 0-40mm to 0-130mm
  • Analogue Potentiometer Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP50
  • Non-Linearity up to <±0.4%
  • Weight: From 8g
  • Resolution Towards Infinity


  • Smallest Design in Its Class
  • Low Cost – Ideal for OEM
  • Low Range Measuring
  • Fast Mounting with Through-Bores
  • Customised Versions for High Volume Available
  • Conductive Plastic Potentiometer Sensing Element
  • Robust Aluminium Housing

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