Miniature LVDT Displacement Transducer


The AML/M series of miniature LVDT displacement transducers are available in ranges from ±0.25mm (0-0.5mm) up to ±50mm (0-100mm).

Available in either a 4-wire or 6-wire configurations, the miniature LVDT requires a sinusoidal AC supply voltage and provides an AC mV/V output signal which is linearly proportional to displacement.

A compact in-line DC in/DC out signal conditioner is available to complement the miniature LVDT and provide a 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA output signal if required.

The miniature LVDT is available in one of 3 mechanical configurations; plain core-only, plain core & extension rod and spring loaded core and extension rod.

Their small size and variety of mechanical configurations make the AML/M miniature LVDT suitable for a broad range of applications such as material testing machines, production and development test rigs, quality assurance testing, automotive and aerospace actuators and within pressure sensors.

Product Dimensions

AC Output, Plain Core, and Core & Extension Dimensions Table

AllStandard (Plain)All
Body Length
Core Length
Null Position
Sensitivity @ 3kHz
with 50K Load
(mV/V FRO)
NullPrimary Resistance
Secondary Resistance


  • Stroke Ranges: ±0.25mm to ±50mm
  • AC mV/V Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP40
  • Core-Only, Core + Extension &Spring-Loaded Versions
  • Optional In-Line DC/DC Signal Conditioner


Stroke Measurement Range:±0.5, ±1, ±2.5, ±5, ±10, ±12.5, ±15, ±25, ±50millimetres
Signal Output:See Table Below0-5volt0-10volt4-20mA
No. of Wires64333
Supply Voltage (unregulated):2 to 5Vrms @ 1 to 5kHz10-24Vdc14-24Vdc14-24Vdc
Supply Current:-35mA @ 15V35mA @ 15V35mA typ.
Max. Loop Resistance:---300 @ 30Vohms
Max. Output Sink Current:-0.51-milliamps
Non-Linearity:<1.0±% Stroke Range
Repeatability:<0.10±% Stroke Range
Output Bandwidth (flat):100Hz
Output Ripple:-30mV max.30mV max.0.1% @ 20mA
Operating Temperature Range:AML/M & MJ: -30 to +85 Standard / -30 to +150 and -30 to +200 Optional 0 to +70 for in-line conditioner (where fitted)°C
Zero Temperature Coefficient:<0.020<0.010±%Stroke Range/°C
Span Temperature Coefficient:<0.020<0.030±%Stroke Range/°C
Vibration Resistance:20g up to 2kHz
Shock Resistance:1000g for 10milliseconds
Construction Materials:Body & Extension Rod: 303 St/Steel, Core: 416 St/Steel, Cable Gland: Nickel-Plated Brass, Spring: 316 St/Steel
Connecting Cable:2 metre screened PTFE cable. Axial or radial exit available - see order codes for full details. **Spring-loaded version ONLY available with radial cable exit.
Environmental Sealing:IP55
Note: On DC output version (0Vdc / 4mA) is given with the core in the extended / outwards position. This can be reversed if required, please request Option Y on your order.
**The spring-loaded version is only available with a radial cable exit due to the rear extension of the LVDT.
Note: On versions with in-line signal conditioner zero output (0Vdc / 4mA) is given with the core in the extended / outwards position. This can be reversed if required, please request Option Y on your order.


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