Multi Function Torque Wrench


Dial Indicating Torque Wrench

  • Patented torque beam design
  • Follower needle dial
  • Equal accuracy for left and right hand torqueing
  • Accuracy ±3% of indicated value over the full scale of the wrench
  • Large, clear dial for ease of reading
  • Metric and English imperial scales are on opposite sides of dial to avoid confusion
  • Bi-directional operation for tightening and unscrewing
  • Long life and reliability

Torque Drivers

  • Manufactured to international torque driver standards ISO 6789: 1992
  • Accuracy ±6% of displayed value
  • Reliability – 5000 cycles of maximum torque
  • Vernier scale gives extra reading
  • Handle release when torque is reached prevents over torqueing
  • Mechanism automatically resets, facilitating rapid repetitive operations
  • Handles except TD10 incorporate 1/4″ female square which facilitates use of ‘T’ bar or ratchet handle TDH1 for more turning power


  • Automatic zeroing on power-up
  • Preset values can be locked in by means of a pass code number
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Auto power-off after 60 seconds if not used
  • Unit conversion – N.m, and Ibf.ft


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