NBS Type Abrasion Tester


Model  Name : TO-200N


Application Field Rubber, Polyurethame and other kinds of shoe soles. Standard ASTM D 1630, KS M 6624 Product Description
  • This Product is used to evaluate the abrasion resistance. Primalrily,this tester frictionizes the specimen such as vulcanized rubber of soled shoes, PU, etc. to sand paper(40 mesh) rotating at a constant rate. And, the necessary rev count for 2.54mm(0.1) wear of the specimen is measured.
  • High precision weight 2.27kg/high precision speed counter/NBS Stand Sample is Supplied.


Hardware metal goods of the rubber coating Daum Ø150mma) Rubber faced thickness :10mm
b) Durometer hardness : 80°
Abresive Fabric40 Mesh, 150 mm
Rev Count45 ± 5 RPM
CounterGear-type 6 steps
Weight3 EA (Testing load 2,265 g)
Dial Gauge1/100 Stroke 10mm
Including Mitutoyo 3 SET
Power220V 60Hz


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