Pancake Load Cell


The DSCC pancake load cell / low profile load cell by Applied Measurements is manufactured in stainless steel and is suitable for use in weighing and force measurement applications.  Our pancake load cells are available to buy online with capacities 0-200kN in stock.

The DSCC can operate in both tension and compression and are commonly used in materials testing and component fatigue testing applications for axial force measurements where a high accuracy, low-profile device is required.

The high-frequency response of the DSCC pancake load cells also makes them ideal for dynamic force and load measurement applications such as crash test walls.  The high-speed analogue SGA amplifier is an ideal complement to the DSCC pancake load cell, offering a conditioned signal output of 4-20mA, ±5Vdc or ±10Vdc with a bandwidth of up to 6kHz.

Thanks to the pancake load cell’s dual-diaphragm design and central threaded through-hole, it is largely insensitive to bending, off-axis, bending, side-load/shear loads and torsion.

As with all Applied Measurements pancake load cell designs, the DSCC low profile load cell can be modified to suit your specific requirements, with alternative threads, custom dimensions, counter-bored mounting holes and higher capacities in excess of 3000kN possible.

Plus, for harsh, wet or humid environments we can make gel-filled pancake load cells rated to IP67.  IP68 immersion versions are suitable for complete submersion and can also be offered on request.

Our DSCC pancake load cell can be supplied with a BS EN ISO 376 calibration certificate for use as a reference standard.

Product Dimensions

DSCC Compression Load Cell Outline

Core Product RefCAPACITY (kN)ØA (Size)BCØDØEThread FØGN holesHJ
DSCC0-5, 0-10, 0-25, 0-501072338.533M20 x 2.5908352
DSCC0-100, 0-200, 0-2501553451160M36 x 213012452
DSCC80-250, 0-300, 0-50020225212.295.5M56x416516502
DSCC0-300, 0-500, 0-750, 0-100027867817118M64 x 6*23016844
*If you require rod end bearings please request an M64 x 4 thread. Note that the maximum rated safe static load on this size rod end is 689kN.

All dimensions are in mm

Wiring Details (Single Bridge Version)

WireConnector PinDesignation
RedPin A+ve excitation
BluePin B-ve excitation
GreenPin C+ve signal (compression)
YellowPin D-ve signal
ScreenN/CTo ground – not connected to load cell body

Wiring Details (Dual Bridge Version)

WireConnector PinDesignation
RedPin 8+ve excitation (bridge A)
BluePin 7-ve excitation (bridge A)
GreenPin 3+ve signal (compression) (bridge A)
YellowPin 4-ve signal (bridge A)
BrownPin 2+ve excitation (bridge B)
WhitePin 1-ve excitation (bridge B)
PinkPin 6+ve signal (compression) (bridge B)
GreyPin 5-ve signal (compression)
ScreenN/CTo ground – not connected to load cell body


  • Capacities: 0-5kN up to 0-1000kN
  • Output: 2mV/V
  • High-Frequency Response
  • High Accuracy: <±0.05%/RC
  • Options:
    • Fatigue-Rated Versions
    • IP67 Rated Versions
    • IP68 Submersible Versions


Rated Capacity (RC)kN0-5, 0-10, 0-25, 0-50, 0-100, 0-200, 0-250, 0-300, 0-500, 0-750, 0-1000
Operating ModesTension/Compression / Tension & Compression
Sensitivity (RO)mV/V2.0 (up to 200kN) / 2.7 nominal (250kN upwards)
Zero Balance/Offset±%/Rated Output<1.0
Output Symmetry (tension vs. compression)%/Rated Load<0.25 (0.8 typical on Ø155 250kN)
Non-Linearity±%/Rated Output<0.05 (<0.03 typical)
Hysteresis±%/Rated Output<0.05 (<0.03 typical)
Repeatability±%/Rated Output<0.05 (<0.03 typical)
Temperature Effect on Zero±%/Rated Capacity/ ˚C<0.005
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity±%/Applied Load/ ˚C<0.005
Effect of Eccentricity%/Applied Load/25mm<±0.25 typical
Effect of Side Load%0.25 typical
Bridge ResistanceOhmsSee dimension table
Insulation ResistanceMegohms @ 50 Vdc>5000
Excitation VoltageVolts AC or DC10 recommended (2-15 acceptable)
Operating Temperature Range˚C-20 to +80
Compensated Temperature Range˚C0 to +70
Storage Temperature Range˚C-20 to +80
Safe Overload% of Rated Capacity150
Ultimate Overload% of Rated Capacity>250
Maximum Safe Side Load ** (Fx or Fy)% of Rated Capacity40
Maximum Safe Torque/Bending Moment(Mx, My or Mz) **See dimensions table
Deflection @ Rated Capacitymm (nominal) at Rated Load0.05 (>50kN) / 0.1 (100-250kN) / 0.13 (300-1000kN)
IP Rating (Environmental Protection)IP65
Cable Length (as standard)metres3
Cable TypeSingle Bridge Versions6-Pin Amphenol Connector + Mating Cable Assembly (4-core screened cable, PUR sheath, Ø5)
Dual Bridge Versions8-Pin M12 x 1 Connector + Mating Cable Assembly, (8-core screened cable, PUR sheath, Ø^)
ConstructionStainless Steel
Resolution1 part in 250,000 (with appropriate instrumentation)
Fatigue LifeFully Reversed CyclesStandard Versions: 30-50 million typical Fatigue-Rated Versions: 500 million Versions rated to 1 billion+ on request
*The resonant frequency is calculated with the body of the load cell attached to a large plate, ensuring that only the sensing element oscillates: This is vital to achieve the highest natural frequency and subsequent frequency response.
**Extraneous load ratings (Fx, Fy, Mx, My, Mz) are based on application of only one at any time in addition to force in the primary measurement axis (Fz). Contact our engineering department if multi extraneous loads will occur simultaneously.


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