Plastic Forming Machine


Application Field

Plastic impact specimens



KS M 3055, ASTM D 256, ISO 180, 294


Product Description

  • The tester is an equipment that processes notch part of Izod impact specimens.
    in case of A notch, 45 and R value are 0.25mm. So, by using of a high-precision V
    Cutter, this was designed to be processed the angle of notch part correctly
  • Non-vibration, low noise motor is fitted to minimize the errors


TypeAUTO(Low-noise, Non-vibration)
CutterV-kuife 75 x Φ1 " x 18mm
Dial GaugeAnalog
A Notch45º , R=0.25mm
Net Weight50kg
Dimension550 x 400 x 450mm (W x D x H)
Power220V 50 / 60Hz


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