Portable Weather Station – Weather Monitoring System


RK900-03 Portable Weather Station is a high-integrated mini weather station of micro-power consumption, equipped with a lightweight telescopic tripod for rapid installation. Its functions as : short-term meteorological observations; chronically continuously monitoring small weather station  and adaptable for mobile real-time data collection. Five sensors are included, such as wind direction, wind speed, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity sensor  (others can be customized). The test data can be transmitted to a fixed meteorological data center or vehicle mobile center system via RS232, RS485, USB or GPRS wireless communications.


Measure itemMeasure rangeResolutionAccuracy
Wind speed0-45m/s0.1m/s±(0.3±0.03V)m/s
Wind direction0-360º±0.5℃
Atmospheric temperature-50-+100℃0.1℃Attached
Atmospheric humidity0-100%RH0.1%RH±3%
Atmospheric pressure10-1100hPa0.1hpa±0.3hPa
Storage capacity4M,if stored hourly, you can store data for one month.
Meteorological monitoring software(for free)Use to real-time display, analysis and storage data on the PC
Communication modeDefault R232,RS485 & GPRS is optional
SupplyRecharged 4.8 AH lithium battery or ac adapter(AC100-240V) or 12DC
Power consumption<1W
Electronic compass(optional)With electronic compass when installation does not need to manually to the north
Portable aluminum alloy instrument box(optional)600*200*500mm
InstallationThe AWS can complete the installation within 1 minute
Ingress protectionIP65
Operating temperature-40℃-+70℃
Dimension1375 mm(Shrinkage at 1135 mm,Height can be customized.)

Product Application

  • Solar PV Industry
  • Agricultural
  • Highways And Railways
  • Hydrological Monitoring
  • Courtyard
  • Meteorological Science Research


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