Repeated Impact Testing Machine TO-RI-500


  • The tester is to the evaluation of the impact properties of the product was added to repeated impact.
  • Testing to be dropping weight and height setting of the free-fall and secured the durability to repeated high spend impact
  • Software is easy to apply data analysis and management


Impact EnergyImpact Energy: 10~500Nm
Cycle5000 Cycle
Data CategoryEnergy, Speed, Cycle
Computer Auto ControlStroke, Cycle, Speed
Manual ControlWeight (Dis-adhesion)
ComputerRack case(industrial)
Safety DevicePC door, side case
Limit programming (for specimen destruction of impact position)
TypeServo Motor 1.5kw
Stroke Resolution0.01mm
Guide Shaft typeLM Guide
Impact weight10kgX4EA / 5kgX1EA / 1kg5EA
Safety for weightPin Type
Weight HoldingMagnetic
Weight LiftingServo motor / Magnetic rise method after main axle driving


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