Rockwell Durometer


Application Field

Plastic, metal



ISO 3804, ISO 5074, ASTM E 18


Product Description

  • By using ONE TOUCH automatic MOTOR driving system and DIGITAL direct indication
    system, there is no individual measurement errors.
  • LAMP is lit during the test. Operation is simple and does not require skill.
  • By AUTO-SETTING, it is easy to test.
  • DIAMOND CONE & STEEL BALL displays clear distinction.
  • Distinction according to the SCALE is clearly marked by LED LAMP
  • Measuring range is extensive


Measure ScaleDigital
Minor Load10kgf
Major Load60, 100, 150kgf
Vertical gap210
Dimensions210 x 450 x 680mm (W x D x H)
WightApprox, 70 kg


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