Screw-In Pressure Sensor


Thanks to its capacitive ceramic sensor element, the LMK 351 screw-in pressure sensor is designed for measuring pressure and level in smaller systems and containers.

It has a pressure range pressure of 0 – 40 mbar up to 0 – 20 bar, at an accuracy of 0.35% full-scale output.  A higher 0.25% accuracy screw-in pressure sensor is available on request.

Its flush-mounted design means it is suitable to use in viscous and pasty media.  In addition, for more aggressive media the LMK 351 screw-in pressure sensor can come with a PVDF pressure port and AI2O3 99.9 % diaphragm on request.

Plus, for particularly hazardous environments, we can provide an intrinsically safe version for use in fuels and oils. Contact our technical team for more information.


  • Ranges: 0-40mbar up to 0-20bar
  • Outputs: 2 wire 4-20mA, 3 wire 0-20mA / 0-10V
  • Accuracy: <±0.35%/FSO (optional 0.25%)
  • Capacitive Ceramic Sensor Element

About Screw-In Pressure Sensor

  • Designed for Small System Pressure & Level Measurement
  • G 1 ½” Pressure Port for Pasty and Polluted Media
  • Optional PVDF Pressure Port for Aggressive Media
  • Optional Intrinsically Safe and Ex ia Versions

Electrical Connections

4 Standard: 2 m PVC cable without ventilation tube (permissible temperature: -5 … 70°C)
5 Different cable types and lengths available, the permissible temperature depends on the kind of cable *All dimensions are show in mm

Mechanical Connections

6 Not possible in combination with compact field housing *All dimensions are show in mm


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