Semi-Automatic Concrete Compression Testing Machine


The HİRA Semi-Automatic (Motorized) range of 600 kN, 1500 kN, 2000 kN and 3000 kN capacity compression testing machines have been designed for reliable and consistent testing of a wide range of specimens. Machines confirms all EN, ASTM and BS standards written above. These also meet the requirements of CE norms for the safety and health of the operator.

The Semi-Automatic Concrete Compression Testing Machines consist of;

Load Frame,
Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack,
Digital Readout Unit
Distance Pieces, 30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm,
Upper Platen (with ball seating assembly),
Lower Platen,
Loading Cylinder Assembly & Limit Switch for safety,
Front and Rear Protective Doors for safety.

Safety Features

• Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
• Piston travel limit switch
• Emergency stop button
• Front and rear transparent durable Plexiglas guards


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