The SF-3000BW engine dyno from SuperFlow is a breakthrough in versatility and performance among water brake dynamometers. The improved design incorporates the industry leading SF-Powermark dyno base frame and engine cart making engine adaptation simple. With a maximum speed of 11,000 RPM, the SF-3000BW engine dyno handles anything from high-torque diesel and marine engines to high-revving, high powered Pro Mod drag engines. It is rated for 3,000 HP and 2,500 lb-ft. of torque. Integrated starters mount directly to the dyno so a bell housing, flywheel and engine mounted starter are not required. The torsionally compliant drive shaft connects the engine to the dyno enabling you to run right off the engine’s crank shaft while 4.5” constant velocity joints ensure smooth power transfer.

The included roll around engine docking cart offers great versatility to adapt to various types of engine’s and its stainless steel runner means easy adjustment of engine supports without any rust. The cart is also compatible with both the SF-Powermark and SF-902S to allow maximum versatility. The tool tray has cutouts for storing spark plugs and lambda probes. To keep the test cell neat, the integrated boom assembly houses both the sensor box and cooling tower, plus it has cable stays to route transducer wires cleanly between the sensor box and the engine. The included non-pressurized cooling tower mounts to the boom assembly behind the dyno, out of the way. The new sensor box also mounts to the boom where it is kept safely away from engine vibrations and heat. WinDyn’s® pre-defined test sequences allow for standard tests at the push of a button so you’re up and running immediately and the live trace feature lets you see live data as a trace over a saved reference plot.


Absorber TypeWater Brake
Max Speed11,000 RPM
Horsepower Capacity3,000 HP (2,237 kW)
Torque Capacity2,500 lb-ft (3,390 Nm)
Temperature16-channel thermocouple panel 12 closed tip thermocouples, 1/8” 12 swagelock fittings 12 ten foot extension cables
Pressure10-channel pressure panel 3 sensors (-15 to 150 psi)
Air / Fuel2 pre-configured analog inputs, 0-10 VDC
Fuel Flow2 fuel flow measurement turbines*
Air Flow1 air flow measurement turbine*


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