Spark Tester


What is a Spark Tester?

An AC spark tester is a device which provides a high-voltage AC current via an electrode for testing non-conductive membranes, coatings and linings over conductive materials. Unlike DC holiday detectors, the AC output enables the detection of holes in coatings without requiring an earth return connection from the conductive material to the spark tester.

AC spark testers do not have an alarm mechanism and require the operator to observe and note sparks from the electrode, through the coating to the conductive material. AC spark testers have no sensitivity adjustment.

Setting output voltage of an AC spark tester is not as accurate as a DC holiday detector and the output voltage is estimated by the size of air gap a spark will jump, rather than by calculating the dielectric strength of a non-conductive coating.

AC spark testers are well-suited to testing thicker coatings and where an earth-return connection is not possible; such as dip-applied coatings or welded plastic fabrications with a conductive test wire embedded within the weld bead.

Whilst AC spark testers generally cost less than DC holiday detectors, they are not a practical alternative and are better suited to applications where less precision of output voltage is acceptable.


  • Output voltage range: 10-55kV
  • Output: pulsed ring
  • CE Compliant
  • Mains voltage: 230V AC 50/60Hz
  • Weight (unit only): 1.05Kg
  • Dimensions (unit only): 6cm x 20cm x 27cm long
  • Packed weight (accessory kit): 3.5Kg
  • Dimensions (packed): 50cm x 14cm x 37cm

Note: Due to ongoing technical developments, all stated information is typical and is subject to change without notice or obligation.

Commodity Code: 9027802000

More Info

The PST-100 230V high frequency hand-held AC spark tester provides a quick and cost effective method of inspection on thick coatings and linings. Coating thicknesses of between 3mm and 30mm can be tested.

The PST-100 is widely used for testing butt-welded and overlap joints in the plastics and rubber, petro-chemical and pipeline construction industries. The PST Accessory Kit has been specially designed to offer a complete testing solution for most applications.

Other sizes and types of electrodes can be supplied if required. However, to ensure the stability of the output voltage, large electrodes should not be used. The recommended maximum electrode size is 150mm.

Complete kit comprises:

  • PST-100 220V AC spark tester
  • Executive-style case
  • Spark gap setter
  • Flexible probe electrode
  • Pointed probe electrode
  • Drum brush electrode
  • 2 x 332mm insulated extension rods
  • Gauze mesh electrode
  • 150mm phosphor bronze brush electrode
  • Electrode adaptor
  • Operating instructions


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