Brittleness Temperature Tester


Application Field PVC, compound, rubber, wire Standard KS M 3156, KS M 6676, ISO 974, ASTM D 746 Product Description :)This equipment test the destructive phenomena at low temperatures of PVC, polyvinyl chloride resin compound and rubber, wire. Prescribed hammer hits the specimen with a constant speed. Then, the temperature is recorded and whether the specimens was destroyed is tested. :)Cooling System : Dry Ice/Alcohol (Option: For the super low temperature)


TypeHammer Operating Motor
Cooling SystemDry Ice & Alcohol
Temp. Range-400C - normal
Temp. ControllerDigital type (SCR PID Control)
Strike HammerStriking edge Top 1.57 +- 0.12mm
Striking edge 2.0 +- 0.2m/sec
Striking Distance 6.4 +- 0.2mm
Driven StirrerAC Motor 30W
PowerAC 220V 60Hz
Dimension600 x 700 x 500mm (W x D x H)
Net Weight60kg


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