Stand With Push Pull TO-101P


Application Field Capacity : 200gf/500gf/2kgf/5kgf/20kgf/50kgf/100kgf/200kgf Standard It is based on each standard. Product Description :)This is an equipment to measure the strength of products such as plastics, rubber, film, polyurethane, paper. Low-cost was achieved. This is a stand of digital push pull-gauge, and it is used in the product of less than 100kg. :)Stand (Japanese/Korean) :)Push Pull Gauge : Japanese :)Road Cell Range : 200gf/500gf/2/kgf/5kgf/20kgf/50kgf/100kgf/200kgf :)Dimensions : Approx 300 x 450 x 750mm :)Type : AUTO :)Capacity : Max 100kg/f :)Stroke: 400mm (No grip) :)Speed : 1-300mm/min :)Display : Load Zero, Stroke Zero, Return, Up/Down, Peak, Test Mode Free Mode :)Power: 220V/60Hz :)Weight : 30kg


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