Thin pipe electrode


Our Thin Pipe Electrodes provide a simple and effective method of testing a wide range of internal pipework coatings in a variety of diameters and lengths. It is ideal for testing glass and polymer liners in chemical and process industries.

Designed for easily and reliably inspecting pipework linings of between 18mm and 40mm in diameter and with cable lengths from 1m to 12.5m; this electrode is made to suit the customer’s requirements.

Attachment to the test instrument’s output via an M8 thread makes connection to any Buckleys high-voltage test instrument ― such as the PHD Pro’ and DCCT ranges ― a simple process.

The electrode’s body is made from PVC ― a material with well-proven electrical insulation properties ― enabling the electrode to impart up to 30kV to the test area dependably and safely, while its double-insulated supply cable is firm enough to feed the electrode through pipework, yet flexible enough to negotiate and test curved sections with ease.

The pliable silicone-rubber contacts are replaceable and ensure the entire lining is tested without the risk of damage to the coating from abrasion.

This electrode system is manufactured to suit each individual application; please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.


  • Testable voltage: <30kV
  • Body material: PVC
  • Feed cable type: Sleeved high-tension
  • Available lengths: 1m to 12.5m*
  • Available diameters: 18m to 40mm*
*Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements Note: Due to ongoing technical developments, all stated information is typical and is subject to change without notice or obligation. Commodity Code: 9027900000


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