CE approved Electronic Universal Testing Machine TIME WDW-50E


WDW-E Series Computer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine

WDW-E Series is a new kind of electronic universal testing machine produced by TIME-Shijin Group, which adopts the most advanced and reliable ball screw electric mechanical load frame structure. The driving system adopts AC servo timing system and motor from Panasonic Co.Ltd.of Japan. The PC controlling system is able to realize the close-loop control of the parameters such as loading force, specimen deformation, and crosshead stroke etc. The system realizes the screen display, online diagram drawing, testing curve changing, pile curve collation and auto analysis of test results, creation of test report. Especially, the application of the control mode can be manual control or computer programming control which makes the cyclic tests become available. By switching simply of different accessories, WDW series Universal testing machine can make tests on most of materials and components to suit your needs.

Standards: In accordance with or exceed the requirements of the following standards: ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4, EN10002-2, BS 1610, DIN 51221, ISO6892.

Mainframe: The machine adopt double space door type structure. High accuracy, wide range and stable Japan Panasonic AC servo motor drive the ball screw pair rotating through syn-deceleration system. The ball screw pair drives the middle crosshead and makes the tension/compression/ bending attachment moves up and down to realize the load and offload to the specimen. This structure has enough stiffness to apply high efficiency and stable moving. Key parts are processed on our own processing center to ensure the accuracy of the load frame. Ball screw is E5 class.

Electric part:
(1) Adopt stable and reliable Japan Panasonic AC servo driving system and servo motor, with the protection device of over current, over voltage Speeding and overload. The adjustable rate can up to 1:100000
(2) With the protective function of overload, over current, over voltage, displacement upper and lower limitation and emergency stop.
(3) The electric circuit is referred to international standard and conformed to national testing machine electric standard, high an excellent performance on the anti-jamming test to ensure the stability of controller and
accuracy of test data.


Machine stiffness (Kn/mm)250
Max. capacity (KN):50
Measuring range:0.4%-100% of FS
Relative error of reading:≤±1%
Resolution of load:1/200000 of max. test load
Resolution of displacement(mm):0.001
Control speed(mm/min):0.005-500, stepless
Relative error of moving speed:≤±1%
Resolution of moving speed control:<±1%mm/min:  ≤±1%
Gauge of standard extensometer(mm):50
Max. deformation measuring(mm):10
Deformation measuring range(mm):2%-100% of max. deformation
Relative error of deformation reading:≤±1%
Accuracy of deformation measuring:≤±0.5% (within 2%-100% of max. extensometer range)
Long travel extensometer measuring range (mm):10~800 (Needs to be ordered separately)
Accuracy of long travel extensometer value:≤±0.5%
Tension space(mm):600
Compression space(mm):600
Max. crosshead travel(mm):1150
Width of test space(mm):575
Resolution of ball screw:16μm/300mm   E Class
Load frame dimensions(mm):945*654*2266 (L x W x H)
Load frame net weight(Kg):700
Load frame type:Door type
Load frame power:1.5KW, AC380V±10%, 3 phases 4 lines
Working conditionAmbient temperature: 10ºC~35ºC


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