Triaxial Charge Output Accelerometers


ModelImageSensitivityWeightTemperature Range
Miniature Triaxial Charge Accelerometers
AT/080.4pC/g nom.1.2gm-50°C to 200°C Max Temp
AT/012pC/g nom.6.8-9.9gm-50°C to 200°C Max Temp
ModelImageSensitivityWeightTemperature Range
General Purpose Triaxial Charge Accelerometers
AT/045pC/g nom.13-16.6gm-50°C to 200°C Max Temp
A/317pC/g nom.19gm-50°C to 220°C Max Temp
A/347pC/g nom.19-22gm-50°C to 220°C Max Temp
A/3025pC/g nom.38gm-50°C to 220°C Max Temp
A/365pC/g nom.18gm-50°C to 220°C Max Temp
ModelImageSensitivityWeightTemperature Range
High Temperature Triaxial Charge Accelerometers
A/33 – Flat Base, A/33-1 – Raised Base7pC/g nom.38gm-50°C to 900°C Max Temp WITH WATER FLOW



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