3-Hole Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensor


We are offers two types of multi-element bolt-on strain sensor that have been developed to provide a rugged and robust production sensor with the benefits associated with a complex strain gauge installation. The bolt-on strain sensors have been designed to measure tensile and compressive bending stresses ranging from 50 to 1100 micro-strain, for use in applications including vehicles, civil engineering structures, silos, hoppers, vessels, and specialist engineering projects.

High Strain Bolt-On Sensors

Bolt on strain sensors are widely used, however, they are dependent on the bolting down friction. When strains exceed about 600 micro-strain and have shock loads conventional bolt-on strain sensor will show zero shifts. The Datum design is very compliant and can be sued at much larger strain up to 10,000 micro-strain. The initial application was for forged vehicle axles where strains exceed 1500 micro-strain and bolt on sensor had been previously dismissed.

Product Dimensions


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