AQMS-450 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer


FPI AQMS-450 carbon dioxide (CO2) analyzer measures ambient CO2 concentration by employing Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) with gas filter correlation (GFC) method technology to realize ppm level CO2 concentration measurement.


Infrared energy emitted by light source is passed through gas chamber containing the air sample, and the quantitative absorption of energy by CO in the sample cell is measured by corresponding detector.


GFC (Gas filter correlation) technology is utilized to remove interference caused by moisture and other backgrounds. Two gas filled chambers are mounted on a rotating disc, which pass through an IR beam alternately. The measure chamber is filled with nitrogen while the reference chamber is filled with high concentration CO. IR beam then passes through the sample gas cell. The difference in absorbance is measured and provides a direct output of the gas concentration.

Data storage and analysis

Stored data are easily retrievable through the serial or ethernet port via PC client software, allowing operators to perform predictive diagnostics and enhanced data analysis by tracking parameter trends.


  • The integrated purging device which eliminates the interference of environmental CO2 to the instrument measurement.
  • The White cavity design and special anti-corrosion technology on the surface of optical devices to give better stability and longer lifetime.
  • Wide measurement range with low detection limit, which can meet the needs of CO2 monitoring in most application.
  • Adopting GFC NDIR technology, measuring range is up to 2000 ppm.
  • High response, high repeatability, high accuracy and simple operation.
  • Support classified operation, automatically storing the calibration data and alarm information, etc.


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