AQMS-550 Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer


AQMS-550 is equipped with an internally mounted catalytic converter set at 315°C to convert H2S to SO2. Bypassing the sample through an SO2 scrubber which removes any SO2, the H2S is converted to SO2 using this internal H2S converter and measured using the pulsed fluorescence technique. AQMS-550 H2S analyzer adopts UV fluorescence principle with an internal thermal catalytic converter to measure H2S in ambient air at levels commonly required.


  • Independent ranges and auto ranging;
  • Vivid color graphics display with touch screen interface;
  • Various outputs include RS232, RS485 and USB comports;
  • Continuous system diagnosis with alarm;
  • Temperature & pressure compensation;
  • Less spare costs, accessories and maintenance requirement;
  • Large data storage capacity;
  • Low power demand of lasted model cause less power consumption;


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